Approach stakeholders & establish a network

With the Steering Committee, identify and approach the target stakeholder groups of interest for recruitment, implementation of PPI into regular research activities in the organization/research institute, and regular operation of the YPAG.

As a starting point for recruitment of young advisors, gatekeepers must first be approached. These may include parent groups, clinicians, schools/teachers, community outreach programs, and existing patient involvement groups. Information sheets regarding the background of clinical trials, PPI, and the role and purpose of YPAGs can be provided to gatekeepers. All materials provided should be in lay terms to ensure understanding among all receivers of the documents. Strong understanding of PPI and YPAGs will also aid in the recruiting process for young persons and accrual of resources for the planning of meetings/activities.

Regular communication with stakeholders will help to maintain relationships throughout the network and provide updates on the progress and impact of the YPAG. They will aid as a method for recruiting more research projects looking for consultation, as well as raise the awareness of the importance of PPI.

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