Establish a steering committee

The establishment of a Steering Committee is the first step towards establishing a supporting network for the YPAG. The Steering Committee can include leading stakeholders of groups most involved in the operations of the YPAG, such as hospitals, heads of PPI teams or leading PPI researchers, leaders of research committees or ethics boards, education department leads, chairs of grants offices, etc. Members of the Steering Committee may be individuals with vested interest outside the project that may help guide the development of the program and help to see it incorporated as a permanent part of the institute.

A Steering Committee will be key in making strategic decisions regarding current operations and future opportunities. All changes and/or issues in the operation of the YPAG will first pass through the Steering Committee. Within the Steering Committee, a leader must still stand to take responsibility as the head or chair of the Steering Committee and the group. He/She will lead the committee in the establishment of the YPAG, systematic decision making processes, and management of staff and stakeholders.

As Steering Committees consist of multi-faceted leaders from a number of different groups, members will represent the views of many different aspects of research and will also be key points of contact to a larger network of stakeholders. This will be of great importance when recruiting projects to be reviewed by the YPAG and in the incorporation of the YPAG as a permanent fixture among researchers.

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