Identify a coordinator

A coordinator is an individual who will be working on the day to day operations of the YPAG. As most, if not all, Steering Committee members will likely not be involved in the YPAG full time, a coordinator is critical to the continued running of the group. Responsibilities may include, recruitment of young persons, identification of new projects for YPAG consultation, networking with end users, planning of meetings and activities with young advisors, gathering of feedback from visiting clients (e.g. clinical trial representatives, pediatric researchers) and YPAG members, along with the facilitation of meetings.

A coordinator will be invaluable to the moderation of meetings with a client as well. His/Her roles will include encouragement of comments from the YPAG members, raising questions, ensuring that discussions do not drift, and keeping discussions informative rather than argumentative. He/She must have a general understanding of the clinical research that is brought to the YPAG, possess excellent written and oral communication skills, empathy and positive regard to all members, and self-discipline to avoid input of his/her personal opinions during meetings.

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