Research the demand for a YPAG

A YPAG is a group or organization that is looking to provide a service to clients in the form of clinical trial consultation from youth representatives to researchers or industry members. In other words, a YPAG is an operation. To sustain an effective operation, the organizers must first determine that there is a demand for the service that will be provided. Without demand, the service supplied will remain unused, or wasted. As such, prior to starting up a YPAG, an analysis of the market is highly recommended.

To do so, the target population, or end users, must first be identified. In the case of a YPAG that wishes to collaborate with clinical researchers, this is likely to be researchers from both academic and industry settings. The purpose of a market analysis is to gauge the interest of your end users. Some potential questions may be: “Are they interested in involving patients and public in their research design process?” and “Do they understand the need for PPI?”. Similar to qualitative and quantitative research methods for understanding patient needs and interests, a sufficient number and representative sample of your end users should be recruited for the purposes of the market analysis. Representatives can be approached through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and/or polls.

Through the market analysis, organizers may find that relevant smaller PPI groups already exist which may subsequently be approached to discuss future prospects of a larger YPAG. Should one come to find that the target population has little to no knowledge of PPI or the need for PPI, it may be of interest to the group to first raise awareness via means, such as presentations at research rounds.

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